Aloe vera, aloe of life

Not all aloes are the same

Certified Organic Aloe Vera

At Alover, from the beginning, we have always been clear that our aloe vera plantation would produce in an ecological way. Not for a matter of fashion or commercial claim, but for a firm personal commitment to the environment and sustainable consumption.

Professional ecological certification

CAAE Certification

The CAAE is the first Spanish organic certification entity that is responsible for verifying and controlling compliance with the standards and requirements that must be met by organic production and its labeling according to European legislation (EEC Regulation 2018/848).

CAAE operates internationally, being the European leader in organic production certification organism with more than 2 million certified hectares.

And also...

Bureau Veritas Certification

Through ASOCIALOE we are currently in the process of obtaining the organic production certification issued by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in auditing and certification in the field of safety, the environment, social responsibility and product quality. In this way our aloe production will soon have a distinctive quality seal both nationally and internationally.

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Protecting our environment we all win

Benefits of organic certification


Consumers are assured that the products they consume truly come from organic production and are not a fraud.


Only certified products can have the denomination of ecological, organic or bio.

Protection of the natural environment

Avoiing the contamination of the aquifers and the land by not using chemical or phytosanitary fertilizers, improving the quality of the soil.


The certification of organic production guarantees that the products do not contain substances that are harmful to health.

The future depends on what we do in the present

Why get certified

By producing organic aloe vera we ensure that our aloe plants are of superior quality and through certification we guarantee our customers that the production methods have followed the quality standards required by European regulations for organic products. This way, we contribute so that both the industry and the final consumers have at their disposal plants that favor the conservation of the natural environment.

We grow organic aloe vera

A grain does not make a barn… but it helps the partner

Ecological production

Obtaining the best plants while respecting the natural environment where we have grown is our motto.


We are responsible for not harming the ecological balance, for maintaining biodiversity and not wasting our natural resources.


It is our choice to offer certified organically produced aloe vera plants.


We use of clean energies that do not contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and reducing water consumption.


We make organic aloe vera available to the market that guarantees the quality of its components.


Our aloe vera plantation is in our town, we know the land, its people and we are proud to contribute to its economic development.

Serving nature is serving ourselves

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